Sunday, November 15, 2009

Beltbags...yes, the fanny pack has just gotten cool!

The beltbag...yes, it may slightly resemble it's primitive ancestors (dare I say fanny pack?) but it is so much cooler! It's all the convenience of the fp but with a billion times more style. It's perfect for shopping marathons, traveling, going out dancing, walking the dog...whatever you may need your hands free for! It's pretty simple- just slip your belt (any belt will do) through the straps on the back and wear the belt bag slightly to the side- that's the most flattering way to rock it. It's big enough to fit the necessities and maybe a little more- lipgloss, wallet, gum, get the point. (Click here for the online shop to check out all 3 beltbags currently offered) XO- G

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