Thursday, November 19, 2009

My First Love...Illustration

If you read the bio on my site, illustration runs in my blood. My father was a professional Illustrator my whole life growing up, back in the days before Photoshop, when advertising was done the "old fashioned" way. I took to drawing at an early age and my dad was my mentor. I would run out to his studio whenever I needed pointers on how to draw a nose, or eyebrows, or anything really. Illustration was what I thought I wanted to pursue in fashion. Things have changed a bit in the industry- there are still a few illustration opportunities out there, but not as many as back in the day. I ended up in design instead but I will always go my first love!

See below for some examples of my illustration and click here for the link to my dad's website to check out his work (try to find the portrait of me!)

Illustrations by Gretchen J Miller - Reproduction is prohibited

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